Small Bathroom Ideas 101

Small Bathroom Ideas 101 1

Yes, your bathroom is small, but this just means you have an opportunity to search and find creative ways to enhance, visually elongate your space while also adding your own unique style into the foray.  We’ve curated a wealth of storage ideas, accessory ideas, appliance ideas and more to help you help your small bathroom make a statement.

Small Bathroom Sinks

The type of sink or vanity and where they are placed can save much space in a small bathroom. There are wall mounted sinks, pedestal sinks, corner vanity sinks and even vessel sinks that have a small footprint, can be easily be tucked into a corner – and still be amazing looking. And with many of these options, you can find your own style of faucet to boot, finishing off your ensemble to your taste and style. We’ve found some small bathroom sink options with a small footprint to easily enhance your niche. 

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Small Bathroom Shower Ideas

A nice way of saving space in a small bathroom is by using a frameless glass shower door. Designers are now embracing the sleek, and less-is-more look of frameless shower doors. You save much space by stripping off the excessive metal hardware and framing, and these frameless glass shower doors are stylish and blend in with your décor. Another tip is to use large format tiles to on the walls of the shower, as this looks more appealing to the eyes. A black tiled wall and a white floor lends and infinity and infinite look to your bathroom. I once saw a designer covered the whole wall with mirrors, and it looked really astonishing, you can try it out too.  Employing a curved shower rod is a great way to have your cake and eat it to: You not only get a great shower, but you will feel like you’re in a bigger shower without compromising the style and design of your small bathroom.  We’ve found these and other small shower options and more.

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Small Bathroom Tub Ideas

You can still include a tub in your cozy bathroom. A soaking tub is a nice alternative and you can find these tubs as small as 41 inches wide, which is perfect for small bathrooms. They are also available as oval or round freestanding tubs in various finishes, such as stainless steel, copper, or the traditional wood. You can also consider installing a corner tub, which is designed to eliminate the long wall space that standard bathtubs swallow. The tubs usually are five-sided are designed so that two sides adjoin two walls. The standard size for corner bathtubs is usually 4 feet by 4 feet, or slightly larger at 5 feet by 5 feet. Though they eat up extra space for the surround or deck area, corner tubs are great for small bathrooms. Here are some choice options.Check the amazing small tubs we’ve found.

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Small Bathroom Tubs



Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Making use of every inch of space is essential in a small bathroom. Freestanding storage is a space-saving option, as it stacks up to 3-4 sections on each other and allows you more storage room. You can give the ladder any paint color to match your style, and fill the ladder with different types of containers to bring dimension to space. You can also place cabinet and storage bins underneath the floated sinks and cover it with a sink skirt. The skirt allows you to add storage containers without making space look cluttered. A trending tip for storage in small bathrooms is the shelving-over-toilet design, where you can rest your essentials on tiered shelves above your toilet. Isn’t that great? If this idea doesn’t sound great to you, or perhaps wouldn’t fit into your bathroom, try installing secret shelves. Conceal your bath supplies in shelve behind a mirror, it is always beautiful and ingenious. We’ve found some small bathroom storage ideas for your perusal. 

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Small Bathroom Decor ideas

Add a little bit of that and a little bit of this to make your tiny bathroom uniquely yours. We’ve found some delectable ideas to enhance your wall, your floor your space.  A rightly placed mirror can virtually add to your bathroom space. A corner shelf can provide practical solutions. A curved shower curtain like the hotels can make your tub seem immense.  What about finding a corner laundry just for you? We have that and more. These and many more touches can enhance your tiny bathroom space – but also open your mind up to more amazing possibilities.

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Small Bathroom Accessories

 We’ve found some bathroom accessories that can add style to your space.  A bathroom heater can warm those frigid floors. Need some tunes while you shower? Need some help getting in and out the shower? What about a grab bar?   We have some nice ideas for you to consider.

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Above all, we do hope are curated offerings help you see how to best add comfortability and beauty from your small bathroom.