VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Cabinet Storage Organizer

The Vasagle Bathroom Floor Cabinet combines attractive features and ample storage capacity. This slim bathroom organizer comes with a drawer and single shutter door cupboard with two compartments. It has a wood cabinet in crisp white finish with metal chrome pulls – adding to it attractiveness. Measuring 12.6″L x 11.8″W x 34.3″H, it definitely has the space for your needs. Assembly required. Click here for more info.

Tangkula Bathroom Storage Cabinet

You can now find space in your small bathroom while adding a touch of classic appeal with this wooden floor cabinet from Tangkula. This cabinet’s top drawer is ideal for stashing small bathroom accessories or vanity items, while a spacious, deep-set lower drawer and two built-in shelves provide plenty of room for larger toiletry items or towels. Two small baskets are also included. it can easily roll where needed due to the four caster wheels on the bottom. For more info click here.

VASAGLE UBBC42WT Floor Cabinet Multifunctional Bathroom Storage

This bathroom cabinet from Vasagle is erfect for tight spaces in need of extra storage. This small footprint bathroom cabinet with drawers can help you sort your sea of toiletries into an organized collection. With a large drawer capacity, you can store your necessary soaps, towels, and more. To provide more shelving space, the optional drawers can be removed with ease. The smooth, white paint will brighten up your bathroom for years to come. For more info click here.

EVIDECO 9900195 Non Pedestal Bath
Under Sink Vanity Cabinet Mahe, Bamboo

This bathroom vanity cabinet from Evideco is made of wood medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and features two bamboo finish sliding doors from side to side with one shelf inside, to help banish clutter from your bathroom and a large work surface up top for storage. It’s an easy and elegant way to fit more necessities into your bathroom and to provide ample storage in a small space. This elegantly-designed vanity cabinet is easy to assemble and provides a beautiful addition to your bathroom with a clean modern look. Do Not Fit With Pedestal Sink, fits only wall mounted sink. Sink Is Not Included. For more info click here.

Gorgeous Corner Medicine Cabinets

Furniture HotSpot – Corner Medicine Cabinet

This Corner Medicine Cabinet with mirror maximizes storage for small space. It is wall mounted and has an adjustable shelf, a fixed shelf and a faux crystal door knob. Some assembly required. Click here for more info.

Renovator’s Supply Corner Medicine Cabinet Polished Stainless Steel

This corner wall-mount medicine cabinet from Renovator’s Supply features all stainless steel construction for longevity and clean modern style. Includes a 23-5/8″ Tall x 11-7/8″ Wide Mirror on door. – Three shelves (including removable middle shelf) a Full-length piano hinge opens from right. – Door magnet allows effortless opening and closing. Built to last for years to come. Click here for more info.

Renovator’s Supply Black Corner Medicine Cabinet

This black hardwood corner medicine cabinet from Renovator’s Supply is the ideal way to add some storage space behind your bathroom mirror. Features: – Spacing saving corner-mounted design – Solid hardwood construction – Mounting hardware included – Premium quality mirror. Inside of Cabinet is Light Primed ready for you to paint in your favorite color. Click here for more info.

Over The Toilet Storage

over the toilet storage ideas

Finding places to store things in a small bathroom can be a challenge. But designers always continue to amaze. These behind the toilet storage ideas can be not only practical but attractive as well. We’ve found some over the commode cabinets that allow space for most of your necessary items. Some have cabinets, some have cubby holes and they all have places to accessorize and add your special touch to your bathroom. You will love the convenience and style the allow for. Enjoy.

Attractive Over The Toilet Storage For Your Small Bathroom


THE GENTLE SHOWER Wooden Storage Cabinet, Bathroom Over-The-Toilet Space Saver Double Door Linen Toiletry Storage Cabinet Tower

This freestanding bathroom space saver features a two-door cabinet and an open shelf to keep your necessities within your reach. Its white finish ensures that it will match the design of your existing décor. The 61.3” storage cabinet can stay over your toilet to offer you both nice aesthetics and more storage options.

Giantex Over-The-Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinet Wooden Drop Door Freestanding Spacesaver Improvements, White

Center cabinets, two side cabinets, a paper holder, one-fixed shelf, two adjustable shelves behind each side cabinet. This Giantex provides excellent storage solutions for bathrooms with limited space. Design is elegant and sleek – for those of us who really care about the look- and the white finish will blend well with your taste. Installation is quite easy too.

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer over the Toilet, Bathroom Spacesaver (White)

The UTEX Bathroom storage Shelf Over the Toilet Space Saver Shelf is an efficient solution for keeping bathroom essentials organized and properly stored. It’s made from wood to be strong, sturdy and attractive in any household. This over-the-toilet shelf makes good use of space that is already occupied. The unit features an open area for easy access to toilet paper, candles or other bathroom essentials. This contemporary bathroom storage uses open shelving so that you can check your supplies with one glance. Don’t leave your bathroom a cluttered mess, get organized with the Over the Toilet Space Saver.

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer over the Toilet, Bathroom Spacesaver (Gray)

One unique feature of open shelves is their simple yet stylish design. This UTEX is no exception. The 3-shelves is a really smart way to get additional bathroom storage space, and you can check your supplies with one glance. This didn’t become the number 1 bestseller on Amazon for no reason, it is really the bestselling bathroom organizer.


Best Choice Products Modern Over-The-Toilet Space Saver Organization Wood Storage Cabinet

Would you like to give your bathroom a clean, modern feel? You just need to put this storage cabinet over your toilet! Multiple adjustable shelves allow you to store large and small items, thanks to the external cubbies and shelves behind the framed panel door. This cabinet is ideal for home organization and convenience.

Mahe Free Standing Over The Toilet Space Saver Cabinet Bamboo

The distinguished bamboo finish design will give any bathroom a traditional flair. The lower open shelf is quite useful for storing necessities such as towels, toilet papers, and some other toiletries. The upper cabinet offers you a secure storage space for things that doesn’t need to be in view. Above all, it is a great space saving over-the-toilet to consider.


Benefits Of Above The Toilet Storage Cabinet

When it comes down to our bathrooms, space usually becomes a problem, however, it is amazing when there are solutions to this problem that are not just appealing, they are practical and of course, easy to install.

Basically, in making changes to your bathroom, you do not need to worry as there are diverse toilet storage solutions that work perfectly with all decors and styles.

It really does not matter if you are searching for drawers or maybe cubby holes, plastic or wooden cabinets, they are all available.

If you are set to select the ideal cabinet for your toilet space, you may as well think about your bathroom storage needs. You will have to think about:

  • The elements that need a place in the bathroom, or;
  • Objects that you want to keep hidden, etc

There are cases whereby the set up of your bathroom may not work out well with a unit that will have to stand on the floor just behind the toilet.

Or, the ideas you have for your toilet storage may demand a cabinet that hands, however, no matter your taste and choice, it is ideal that you know your demands beforehand.

Some people may wonder what the essence of an above the toilet storage cabinet is really needed for. Well, it actually comes with so many benefits which we will be analyzing below.

Why You Need Behind The Toilet Cabinets

In our homes, we always want to make sure that everything sits in their rightful corners and not just lying around till they hurt someone.

However, when it comes to the toilet cabinet, we are sometimes at a loss as to what should be placed there or even the amount of things ideal for the cabinet space. We have to think about where some of our bathroom necessities should go like:

  • Hairdryer
  • Soaps
  • Bathroom towel
  • Relaxer
  • Shampoo and all other accessories

Nonetheless, these cabinets are important in our homes because:

  • They offer us extra storage that assists in keeping the toilet both neat and tidy. The cabinets do not only keep every vital thing organized, but they also make this happen without leaving ant dent on how the toilet looks.
  • They are essential in saving up space in small apartments. This is because they are specifically designed above the toilet storage for the sake of small bathrooms.
  • Installing them is not so difficult as all that is needed is just a little pull and push to get everything aesthetically aligned. However, these cabinets that demand easy installations help to fill up a void which prevents our toilet spaces from attainting their full potential.

Summing It Up

The fact that some of these bathrooms are quite small and space turns out to be an issue does not mean that we cannot leave items such as toilet papers in there. This is where the whole above the toilet storage cabinet comes in.

As stated earlier, they help in providing our bathrooms with storage spaces to keep all toilet accessories without any issue.

How To Secure An Above The Toilet Storage Cabinet

For most of us that have spaces in our bathrooms that are just above the toilet, putting up a little storage cabinet is actually ideal.

Note that, the above the toilet storage is not just practical, it is also customizable and very space-efficient.

Moreover, if your bathroom is small then a storage cabinet is compulsory to install. While there are people who take installing shelves as an alternative, most people prefer installing cabinets that can be placed above the toilet.

You do not have to worry about the cost as these cabinets cost very little. Also, hey can be bought at retail stores or even online.

Some people may be wondering why they have to bother with these toilet storage cabinets, well, they can assist you in maximizing your space as it allows you to store things such as:

  • Toilet paper
  • Extra towels
  • Shavers
  • Aftershave, and;
  • Bathroom fresheners

You can even install a cabinet that comes with a door. This way, your things do not get to fall off accidental straight into the toilet at times when you are trying to hurry off to work.

Now that you have an idea on the toilet storage cabinet, we can take a quick look at how to secure the cabinets safely.

Securing Your Above The Toilet Storage Cabinet

In doing this, you will require tools. These tools are quite basic even though you may have to make use of a drill. Do not panic as the drill is just to create holes for screws that will hold the cabinet in place on the wall.

Although these holes can be driven by hand, you may require a hammer too. Some other things you will be needing to secure the cabinet include a drywall anchor.

The drywall anchor is for the screws that will be holding your cabinet against the wall. As for the screws, sure bet you will be making use of a screwdriver to install them. Some other things you will need to secure your cabinet is a level.

It will be used to ensure the cabinet is plum. Some people make use of pencils for the sake of making light guide marks.

Not to forget, a vital part of securing your cabinet is to make use of a small piece of wood. It will be mounted right under the cabinet. This is done to support it after the cabinet has been installed.

Also, it will assist in reducing the stress on the screws and it helps in lowering the likelihood of the cabinet pulling itself away from the wall.

To Wrap It Up

The whole process of installing an above the toilet storage cabinet is not so difficult and can take up roughly two to three hours. All that is needed to keep it secure are few tools as well as hand tools that will get anyone through the installation job.

As stated earlier, the piece of wood you will be making use of as a form of support is necessary though, if your cabinet can take on the weight all on its own then there will be no need for it.