Laundry Hamper Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

A laundry hamper can serve multiple purposes. Not only does it allow you to have a convenient place to put your dirty clothes -and with the variety of laundry hamper designs out there you can find one that fits your space. But laundry hampers can also be attractive additions to your decor. We’ve found some attractive, practical and well reviewed laundry hamper ideas that suit your personal style. Enjoy.

Benefits of Different Laundry Hampers

1.) Tri Laundry Hampers

These hampers have three removable bags. The fact that these bags are removable means that clothes can be moved easily from the laundry hampers to the washing machines. Clothes can also be sorted and kept in separate bags.

The tri laundry hamper bags have handles, facilitating easy carriage. These handles can slide off the bags with ease, hence the bags can be easily removed and washed whenever necessary.

Tri laundry hampers are easy to assemble. They come in big sizes, hence they can hold a large number of clothes. The whole laundry hamper structure also moves easily and has been designed to fit in most laundry rooms and spaces.


2.) Pull Out Laundry Hampers

This is a simple but versatile design. As the name suggests, this laundry hamper can pull out. This has the advantage that everyone in the family can use it. With this laundry hamper, it is easier to place the laundry items just where they belong.

Pull out laundry hampers also have large carrying capacities. They can hold many clothes. Therefore, a person using this laundry hamper will not be forced to wash small or incomplete loads of laundry. Due to their large carrying capacity, they help save on time, water and energy consumed.

One can also get pull out laundry hampers for each of the cabinet doors. This makes sorting of clothes, based on colors, easier. Sorting clothes, in turn, makes laundry easier and more convenient.

These laundry hampers are available in different designs and materials. Therefore, they provide one with different varieties to fit each person’s preferences. They also come in different sizes and dimensions, hence one can choose the size that will fit the space available in their laundry room.


3.) Laundry Hamper With Lids

These laundry hampers have beautiful and unique lids with varying designs. These beautiful designs help to promote good appearance and style in the laundry rooms.

The laundry hampers with lids also promote the general health of the homes. This is because, with the lids, the used clothes can be closed well into the laundry hampers. Most of the used clothes have bacteria that could carry and cause infections to family members and friends. However, when clothes are kept in the laundry hampers and closed into them with a lid, then the bacteria are kept away from other people. Therefore, laundry hampers with lids maintain the general health of a home to a certain degree.

Laundry hampers also help to conceal the smelly clothes. They, therefore, help to maintain a cool and fresh environment in the laundry rooms and house as a whole.


4.) Laundry Hamper With Wheels

The laundry hamper with wheels has the greatest benefit of convenience. The wheels make this laundry hamper convenient for transportation and collection of laundry. These wheels make it easy to move the laundry hamper from room to room. These laundry hampers are especially most convenient where the laundry rooms are quite far or involve going up or down the stairs.

The laundry hamper with the wheel also has a lift-off the lid as well as handles on its side. These facilitate easy transport. It is also ventilated, hence damp clothes can be stored in these laundry hampers, with no worry that they will become smelly.

The design has been built with a density board at the bottom part and a metal form at the top part. This design gives the laundry hamper a strong load-bearing capacity. Bulky and heavy clothes can, therefore, be stored in this hamper. The laundry hampers with wheels are also very stable and upright due to the 4 glass fiber rods installed in it.

5.) Wicker Laundry Hampers

Wicker laundry hampers can be maneuvered very easily. This is because they are made using a light material. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes; designed for all quantities of clothes, whether large or small. They, therefore, make the managing of clothes a lot simpler.

These laundry hampers are also cheaper than other laundry hampers. This is because they are made using plastic-type material, which is relatively cheap. Furthermore, since plastic material endures almost all environments, wicker laundry hampers can be kept in any environmental condition.

Wicker laundry hampers are sturdy. They are durable and last for a long time. They also have a beautiful appearance, coming in different designs, to fit everyone’s preferences. The sizes and dimensions also differ, so a person can choose whichever laundry hamper fits the available space in their laundry rooms.

6.) Tilt Out Laundry Hampers

These hampers have a beautiful appearance on the outside. As the name suggests, the front of this hamper has a collection bin that can tilt. The fact that it can tilt makes it easy to unload and access clothes from the hamper, for washing.

The inner bin of the tilt out laundry hamper can be lined using a light-weight bag. The lightweight nature of the bag makes transporting of the clothes to the laundry room much easier.

These hampers are available in a wide range of colors and styles; ranging from contemporary to traditional, to fit the different tastes of people. They can also have single, or double, or triple bins. Hence, sorting of clothes based on colors or cleanliness is possible and easier with such a hamper.

Tilt-out hampers also include an aerated wire construction which is light in weight. This allows for ventilation and aeration of clothes, for a fresh feel in the laundry room and the home in general.


7.) Corner Laundry Hampers

Corner laundry hampers are best known for their saving of space aspect. These hampers have been specifically designed to sit out of the way, in the corners of the laundry rooms. The space taken by the corner laundry hampers is even lesser than that taken by corner cabinets.

These laundry hampers also come in varying shapes and sizes. They can, therefore, fit on any laundry room corner, whichever the size of the corner. A person can also choose the design that fits their tastes.

Corner laundry hampers also exist in different beautiful designs. For instance, there are bamboo corner laundry hampers, corner laundry hampers with dividers and those with lids. They help make a laundry room appear not only more spacious but also more stylish.

8.) Pop Up Laundry Hampers

Pop up laundry hampers have folded for easier storage of clothes. They can store a large number of light clothes, as they have a large carrying capacity. They also have two carrying straps, which are heavy duty. Such heavy straps make this laundry hamper strong enough, hence possible to store a large number of clothes as well as bulky and heavy clothing.

These laundry hampers are made using moisture-proof polyester. Therefore, clothes are stored and kept dry in the pop-up laundry hampers, even when placed in humid environments or laundry rooms.

Pop up laundry hampers are light in weight and have handles made of thick materials. These features make them easy to transport and move around. They can stand up on their own while maintaining their forms. Most of these hampers have been designed with a side pocket, where detergent bottles and fabric softener can be placed.


9.) Double Laundry Hampers

Double laundry hampers are basically huge with large carrying capacities. They hold a large number of clothes. Typically, one double laundry hamper can hold up to four loads of laundry. This helps to save time, energy and resources that would otherwise be used on the frequent washing of smaller quantities of clothes.

This laundry hamper is divided into two sections. Therefore, clothes can be sorted easily, with dark clothes and light clothes being put in separate sections. Washing is hence made even easier.

The double laundry hamper is built using heavy polyester and a moisture-resistant inner lining. Hence, clothes can be stored in all environments, even humid environments, without them getting wet and smelly.

Most double laundry hampers have a lid, so dirty fumes can be kept enclosed in the hampers and the laundry rooms kept freshly aerated. When not being used, these hampers can be folded easily and stored well. These hampers are also available in many beautiful designs and colors to fit different tastes and preferences.

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