Best Colors For Small Bathrooms

Best Colors For Small Bathrooms

Nobody really prefers having a small bathroom. We all dream of having those spacious luxurious bathrooms. However, physical limitations could be preventing us from making expansions to our current bathrooms. The good news is; there is a way to make your small bathroom appear more spacious. This is a very simple and cheap strategy; using colors in your bathroom.

It is very interesting to note that you don’t have to go through expensive remodeling projects, so as to enlarge your bathroom space. All you need is some theme color coatings and paintings done on your bathroom wall, and there you go; a larger bathroom. Painting a bathroom wall, or using specific theme colors for bathrooms, not only helps to make a small bathroom appear larger, but also makes it more stylish and comfortable.

Color has a great effect on transforming the interiors of a bathroom. It can be used to create spa-like environments. It can also be used in a unique design that portrays the personality of the bathroom owner. In other words, using colors in bathrooms brings about different design aspects, as preferred by the bathroom owners.

Does Bathroom Color Matter?

Bathroom color does matter. This is because it is not just any other color that will be ideal for your bathroom. Certain colors used in bathrooms could only serve to worsen the appearance of your small bathroom. On the other hand, well-chosen bathroom colors can do wonders in enhancing your small bathroom’s interior. So yes, bathroom color matters very much. It is, therefore, really crucial for bathroom owners to find the perfect colors for their small bathrooms.

When dull color shades are used in bathrooms, they tend to make the bathroom spaces boring and less lively. For instance, using just the plain colors of bricks and cement used for the bathroom construction will make your bathroom appear too dull and ‘dead.’ Even when the colors have other important advantages, such as protecting the bathroom wall texture and repressing the development of fungi, it is still important to choose bathroom colors that enhance the general appearance of a bathroom.

The most recommended colors for bathrooms are those that are bright. Bright colors have a great impact on making a small bathroom appears larger. That is why, the white color for bathrooms, the brightest colors of all, has become very popular among small bathroom owners. Bright colors, also, help in making bathroom spaces more open and with adequate fresh air. Light and bright colors can enhance the effect of the natural light entering the bathroom, making the bathroom appear more lighted.

This article will consider the top-rated best colors for small bathrooms. It explains the benefits, concerns, and advantages of each color used in the bathrooms, as proven by home design experts. The colors can be used in any bathroom design, size, shape, and style. So, you need not worry about whether the colors discussed here will be ideal for your small bathroom. Read along and find out which simple bathroom upgrade, in terms of color, will be most suited for your bathroom.

Black Bathroom

Black. Does the sound of that make you turn all gloomy and dull? Ironically, black color, when incorporated in a small bathroom, can enhance the bathroom’s sense of style and make it more lively. This is especially so if the bathroom has a flat white scheme that needs to be picked up. The black color also creates the illusion of larger bathroom space.

Black color in a bathroom enhances certain aspects, no matter what style the bathroom has. The good thing about black color is that it acts as a balancing color. This means that it has a uniting effect on any color pallets used in the shower room. It also rejuvenates the existing color schemes used in the bathroom.


Black color in a bathroom is very catchy and tends to stand out. In high humid bathrooms, where watermarks are evident on the bathroom walls and shower panels, the black color used on the walls hides the watermarks, making them less visible. This helps to maintain the good appearance of small bathrooms.

Also, bathroom taps of black color have high durability and can last for longer, especially when the finishes and materials used are of high quality. These black taps have high resistance to scratches and maintain their new look for longer time durations.


Using an all-black color scheme in your small bathroom will actually make the bathroom appear very gloomy and dull. Also, remembering that black color stands out in a bathroom, things such as dust as well as soap and toothpaste stains can be easily noticeable in a bathroom.

More so, when bathroom taps are built using low-quality finishes and coatings, they can easily scratch and get damaged.


red bathroom

Red Bathroom

Shades of red color used in bathrooms can have general energizing effects in the bathroom. Red color can be used on the bathroom tiles and mats. It is also an enhancing and balancing color, especially for white scheme bathrooms.

Red color promotes a cheerful and bright attitude in a bathroom. It also creates a general appearance of a cleaner and germ-free bathroom environment.


The red color in a bathroom has the same effect as that of a stimulant. It encourages fearlessness and a courageous attitude among the bathroom owners. Therefore, bathroom users who regularly use red bathrooms are known to have high self-esteem and self-confidence.

Due to its ability to boost one’s self-esteem, the red color gives a person the courage to express themselves. All over the world, red color is used to portray love and good moods. Therefore, when the red color is used in a bathroom, it can help to lift the moods and spirit of the bathroom user.

When you use your bathroom in the morning, the red color will influence you to start your day feeling energetic and vibrant. What a perfect way to start your day!


The red color is mostly associated with kids. Therefore, for household families where kids are not present, red color is at most times not opted for bathroom use. Also, going all red in a bathroom can lead to over-excitement or agitation attitudes among the bathroom users. Therefore, it is recommended that you use just a moderate red color for your bathroom.


Pink Bathroom

Pink is a color used to portray romance and relaxation spirits. Therefore, the pink color used in bathrooms can help the bathroom users enjoy full relaxation while soaking in the warm water. Also, pink color schemes can have a tremendous effect on the bathroom’s outlook and general mood, especially when a bathroom user is knowledgeable on how to go about decorating a bathroom with the pink color.


Bathrooms with pink color schemes are more relaxing than others with different color schemes. Pink is a bright color, hence, it makes the bathrooms appear more lit and stunning. Also, some shades of pink used well in certain bathroom accessories can appear even more discreet, giving the small bathroom a natural look.

Another advantage of the pink color is that it can be combined well with other color schemes in the bathroom. When combined with other colors, especially with white color schemes, it both enhances and balances these colors. This serves to promote even better and stylish appearances in the bathrooms.


Just like the red color, pink is considered by most people as being a children’s color, especially for young girls. Therefore, most people opt to include pink interiors only in children’s bedrooms and playing rooms. Even for those adults who don’t consider pink color as being a girlish color, they may find it too romantic and hence irritating when used in their small bathrooms. This is why pink color is rarely used in bathroom spaces.

Furthermore, the pink color is a warm color. Like other warm colors, it has a shrinking effect on objects, making the bathroom fixtures, and the bathroom in general, appear even smaller. Making a small bathroom even smaller would not be ideal at all.


yellow bathroom

Yellow Bathroom

Just like the black color, yellow color in a bathroom tends to stand out. Yellow is a bold color for a bathroom. Also, since it is not used in most of the other rooms in the house, it promotes a sense of originality and uniqueness in a bathroom.


Yellow color in bathrooms creates more directly energetic and vibrant spirits, than do other warm colors such as reds and oranges. Also, it brings about the appearance of more innovative bathrooms and decor.

More so, yellow color provides a bathroom with a stunning look, since it is a stand out color. This color is best used in rooms where one doesn’t spend most of their time; which makes it ideal for use in the bathroom, where less time is spent compared to other rooms.


For aesthetic purposes in the bathroom, the yellow color is not really recommended. This is because this color can be too loud and shouting. Also, it is very hard to combine the yellow color with other color schemes in the bathroom. This is due to the fact that most yellow color shades don’t go hand in hand with the bathroom fixtures and furniture. The yellow color only works best when applied in particular parts and aspects of the bathroom.


green bathroom

Green Bathroom

Generally, green color portrays nature. This is a dominant color and provides soothing moods in a bathroom. The green color also enhances the classic look of a bathroom. Green shades such as mossy greens are popular for the relaxing effects that they produce in the bathrooms.


Green colors provide calm and cool bathroom experiences. They make the bathrooms good relaxing spaces. Green color can also be combined with other color schemes. For instance, they are used with white scheme bathroom fixtures to create a better outlook in the bathroom.

Green colors fit in all bathroom designs; whether modern or traditional. Since it portrays nature, green color can make a bathroom feel sunny, especially when the windows are opened and the curtains are drawn to provide better lighting in the bathroom.


Some shades of green color are not really ideal for use in the bathrooms. For instance, rich and darker green shades appear more oppressive when used in bathrooms. Therefore, when choosing a green color scheme for their bathrooms, users need to be extra careful so as to choose the right green color shades.


White Bathroom

White color is the best choice for bathroom colors. There are different shades of whites, such as pure whites and warm whites. Each of the shades of white has specific benefits associated with them. For instance, pure whites are most ideal for modern bathrooms while warm whites are best known for creating warm and welcoming environments in the bathroom space.

White colors create fresh and crisp bathroom environments. Since white is a bright color, it promotes a cleaner feel in the bathroom. The white color used in the bathroom walls and ceilings promote a more energetic and cheerful attitude in the bathroom.

Another thing about the white color is that it enhances the lighting of a bathroom. White bathrooms appear brighter, cleaner and airier.


White color is very bright, hence, stains and dirt can be easily noticeable in white color scheme bathrooms. Trying to remove such stains can even lead to making the white bathroom fixtures dirtier and more visible.

To add to that, white colors are very fragile, in that, they can easily get dirty. Therefore, white bathrooms require high maintenance routines and extra careful practices on the side of the users. This can minimize the comfortability of the white bathrooms.

Advantages of a White Bathroom

Of all the available bathroom colors, the most recommended color for small bathrooms is the white color. White bathrooms hold more advantages than other color bathrooms. The following are 5 major benefits of white bathrooms, that make these the best color bathrooms available;

1.) Versatility

You can change the design of white color bathrooms, and the white walls will still work. This is because the white color bathrooms are compatible with every available bathroom design.

2.) Cleaner Bathrooms

White is a bright color. Bright colors make rooms appear brighter and spotlessly clean. With proper maintenance, white bathrooms can be kept clean and shiny for longer time periods.

3.) Brighter Bathrooms

White bathrooms make these spaces look more calm and serene. They brighten up the bathrooms, giving them fresher and more lit appearances.

4.) Compatibility With Other Colors

With white bathrooms, you can add any other colors and the bathroom will still look stylish. You can add wall arts of different colors, or make other color changes on bathroom fixtures. The white bathrooms will always accommodate such a mix of colors.

5.) Larger Bathrooms

Unlike darker walls that tend to shrink bathroom spaces, white bathroom walls make a bathroom space appear more open and spacious. This is because the white colors diffuse more light in the bathroom, which makes the bathroom space brighter and visually larger.


Decorating a bathroom is not that simple a task. Choosing the right color schemes for the bathroom is even a harder task. Try one of the color styles discussed in this article to add some style in your bathroom. Best recommended; choose for your bathroom a white color scheme, and your bathroom will be your most favorite room in the house.

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