Corner Bathroom Vanities

We all love our bathrooms. But bathrooms tend to offer less space for decor and renovations. Therefore, remodeling a bathroom calls for creativity and the most efficient use of space. This is where corner bathroom vanities come in play.

A corner bathroom vanity plays a major role in maximizing the space in a bathroom. They ensure that the space, even the least bathrooms spaces, are well utilized to create a beautiful and classic bathroom environment. Corner bathroom vanities have the added advantage in that they can be added in all bathrooms, whether large or small. Corner bathroom vanities in larger bathrooms help to add counter space. On the other hand, corner bathroom vanities in smaller bathrooms help to add more floor space.

Amazing Bathroom Corner Vanities

Benton Collection 24” Vintage Light Blue Cottage Style Thomasville Bathroom Sink Vanity

The cottage, vantage style can blend well with most decord you will definitely find the white marble top and the white porcelain undermounted sink a good match. The manufacturer already saved us a great deal of time by assembling and pre-installing the sink and counter sink. This is a great vanity to consider for your corner. Click for more info.

Southern Enterprises Emery Corner Bath Vanity Sink in Cherry Brown

The finish of this corner vanity is simply awesome, and can be the standout accessory in your bathroom. It features a natural granite countertop and backsplash that complements the overall design. On the storage side, this beauty has one open shelf, one cabinet, and one faux drawer under sink. Thick, laminated straight edge, soft close door hinges. If you want a true beauty, you just hit jackpot!. Click for more info.

Stufurhome TY-415GY Modern Hampton Corner Bathroom Vanity with Medicine Cabinet, Grey

Your corner can never go unnoticed with this bathroom vanity in place. Featuring a ceramic drop in corner basin that easily fit in with any bathroom. What more, this space saver comes with a matching mirror medicine cabinet that houses a spacious storage area with two glass shelves. The white is perfect for most décor, but you can also get it in green and espresso. Click for more info.




Fine Fixtures Milan 15 in. Single Bathroom Vanity

A single door vanity that converts your corner into a home for your necessities. The white round vessel sink is good way to cap the design. And we really love the single door design, a little pull reveals your storage. The contemporary finish of this product is unique and stylish. Click for more info.




Renovator’s Supply Corner Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Sink Faucet And Drain Combo White Sink With Black Vanity

This wall mount corner vanity is a good way to add a sink to your bathroom without sacrificing space. A Nicely placed white china sink that beautifies your bathroom and a cabinet to give you the needed space for your storage. You need not worry about height as this can be installed on the wall at your convenience and comfort level. Click for more info.

Silkroad Exclusive LTP-0126B-T-UWC-32 Travertine Stone Top Single White Corner Sink Bathroom Vanity with Cabinet, 32″, Cherry

Apart from the traditional design that greets your view every time, the cherry wood finish is amazing. The vanity also comes with Travertine Stone top, complementary antique brass handles, and white ceramic sink. This antique looking piece will completely transform your bathroom into a simple yet elegant retreat with this gorgeous vanity. Click for more info.

Finding The Best Corner Vanity For Your Style

Corner vanities can certainly enhance a bathroom. They can fit into your current decor, or be the force for a change in decor. But no matter what your style is you can find a corner bathroom vanity to suit.

What is a Corner Bathroom Vanity?

Basically, a corner bathroom vanity refers to all the cabinetry of the bathroom that is fitted at the corner, including the sink or basin. In other words, a corner bathroom vanity includes a concealment of the bathroom plumping and draining, a sink or basin, and a bathroom storage unit (which at most times is a cabinetry). The cabinetry may include cupboards, counters and/or drawer spaces.

Corner bathroom vanities form the major attractions in a bathroom space. They are built using varying materials. Despite the material used, however, they are always waterproof and resistant to moisture. These vanities also come in varying sizes, shapes, styles and designs, to fit every bathroom design. Some of the modern designs of corner bathroom vanities include open shelving, integrated sinks, sharper curves, among other new trends.

How Can A Corner Bathroom Vanity Enhances Your Bathroom?

Corner bathroom vanities are just the way to enhance any bathroom space. They are fitted into the bathroom corners, hence, enhance the corners such that they compliment the vanity. These bathroom vanities helps to save more space in the bathroom, which could be used for more decor purposes.

More so, all corner bathroom vanities are attractive designs and makes. When these beautiful designs are added to the bathroom space, they enhance the general look of the bathroom, making it more attractive and classic. Corner bathroom vanities also come with different varieties and designs.

For instance, a person is provided with the option of choosing either modern or traditional designs for their bathrooms. These two options are just few among the many designs options of corner bathroom vanities that are available in the market. A bathroom can be fitted with the design that best suits the bathroom’s style and decor. These different vanity designs, therefore, enhance the decor of the bathroom, and the general bathroom space as a whole.

The Benefits of Corner Bathroom Vanities

Corner bathroom vanities are very important aspects of a bathroom. They have been gaining a lot of popularity among bathroom designers, due to the many advantages that they offer. The following are the 4 major benefits of corner bathroom vanities;

a.) Provides more storage space

Almost all corner bathroom vanities include a cabinetry for storage. These storage systems may actually offer multiple storage options, such as drawers, shelves and doors. These not only offer more storage space, but also facilitate easy access of those items that are frequently used. Furthermore, they ensure that a bathroom looks more organized and spacious.

b.) Provides Options For Different Varieties of Finishes

The fact that there are different varieties of corner bathroom vanities makes it possible for a person to choose whichever finishes best fits their bathrooms. They can go for traditional bathroom vanities, or contemporary designs, or glossy finishes, or colored finishes, or any that they prefer. You can never run out of opinions with corner bathroom vanities.

c.) Vanity Sets are Available

Some bathroom vanities offer vanity cabinets only. However, corner bathroom vanities offer the option of getting either just vanity cabinets, or vanity cabinet sets. Vanity cabinet sets consist of a sink and a countertop. Some enhanced vanity cabinet sets even consist of matching mirrors and faucets.

d.) Available in Varying Widths

Corner bathroom vanities come in varying widths. Therefore, they can accommodate every bathroom space and size. These widths, combined with their unique designs, enable the corner bathroom vanities to fit well and enhance the bathroom appearance.

Different Types of Corner Bathroom Vanities

There are 3 different types of bathroom vanities, dependent on their styles. These are modern and contemporary bathroom vanities, traditional bathroom vanities and cottage and country bathroom vanities.

a.) Modern and Contemporary Corner Bathroom Vanities

These corner bathroom vanities are available in a wide range of colors and materials. For instance, there are pale colored modern bathroom vanities, there are also those vanities that are topped with white ceramics, among other styles.

The modern and contemporary bathroom vanities are known to be catch to the eye, following their simple but modern trendy designs. Most of the vanities that fall under this category are the wall-hung vanities.

b.) Traditional Corner Bathroom Vanities

Most of these bathroom vanities are the freestanding varieties. These are advantageous in that they are easy to install and quite affordable. When choosing a traditional bathroom vanity, it is however important that you first think about the following aspects;

  • Do you prefer painting or staining?
  • Which door style would you prefer?
  • What is your color preference?
  • Would you opt for doors, drawers or pullouts?

Contemplating the above questions can a person in choosing the best traditional corner bathroom vanities.

c.) Cottage and Country Bathroom Vanities

This bathroom corner vanity is best known to provide a cozy bathroom environment. Its style and design sets good moods and high spirits in all bathrooms. These vanities also come in different styles and colors, to ensure a matching theme in all the different designs of bathrooms.

Cottage and county bathroom vanities also offer different options of finishes. The most common finishes are the light wood, darker shades and white.

5 Top Accessories to Add to Your Corner Bathroom Vanity

Corner bathroom vanities have essential components that should be included in the unit. 5 of these top accessories that should be added to corner bathroom vanities include;

a.) Corner Medicine Cabinet

These cabinets offer more storage space in the bathroom. They come in different styles and designs, which enhance the general look of a bathroom. They can be shuttered or even chrome. Some modern designs have mirrors, which enhance the bathroom appeal even further.

b.) Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are especially important in bathroom corners that lack lighted mirrors. These fitted wall lights, therefore, enhance the bathroom corners. They promote the good appearance of mirrored images, since they limit the shadows formed.

c.) Towel Hangers

We can all agree that after every face wash, we all appreciate towels in closer proximities. Towel hangers in bathroom corners can help a lot in this matter. They always provide towels in handy after every face or hand wash. Matching towel hangers can even be added to the bathroom corners to ensure a matching theme in the bathrooms.

d.) Wall Art

Rather than fill the bathroom corners with mirrors, a person can go for wall art. The difference with mirror options won’t even be so noticeable upon adding wall art at the corners. The wall art also creates a sweet and attractive bathroom.

e.) Bowl Sink

A bowl sink can be most suited for those bathrooms with triangle edged bathroom corner vanities. A bowl sink would help to create more floor space in the bathroom. Furthermore, it provides a bathroom user with a more flat edge that can be ideal for their daily grooming.


Are you looking to maximizing on your bathroom space? Well, corner bathroom vanities are the way to go. These help to save more space, at the same time enhancing the appearance of your bathroom. They ensure that you use every inch of your bathroom space in a smart way. So, get yourself one or more of the corner bathroom vanities, and create the most beautiful and enhanced room in your home.

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