Bath Towel Warmers You Will Love

Towel warmers are usually found in the bathroom, but you can find them in bedrooms, indoor spas and even on outdoor patios where there are pools nearby. But not many can deny the feeling having a warm towel wrapped around their body. Towel warmers also serve another purpose. It can helps by drying off towels adn keeping the environment mildew free. Within the towel warming family there are a plethora of options and designs. There are towel warmers for small towels out there. Many any of these are used in spas and they warm the towels masseuses apply to their patients. This post focuses on larger, shower towel warmers. But even within this arena there are a variety of designs.

There are two main types of towel warmers – electric and hydronic. Hydronic models use ones hot water plumbing to produce heat by running hot water through the towel warmer. The electric ones can also comes in different options. One can get the electric ones that are hardwired into the existing home system. There are those that can be plugged into the wall as well. As far as how they’re setup, some shower warmers are wall mounted, some are free standing, and some can do both. And looking at the design, there are towel warmer cabinets and towel warmer buckets.

We’ve found a nice variety of well reviewed towel warmers you will sure to love.

Amazing Towel Warmer Ideas


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