These Amazing LED Bathroom Mirrors Will Enhance Your Small Bathroom

Amazing LED Bathroom Mirrors

LED bathroom mirrors are known for their ability to allow you the best, most realistic view of your face in the bathroom. This is essential for so many reasons. Whether it’s waking up in the morning to see your morning face or getting ready for work and making sure your morning face has been successfully erased.

And the variety of LED bathroom lights out there are amazing. They can come small or large, front lit or backlit of both with a plethora of designs. They can even come horizontal or vertical or can be set up both ways. And for light control they can be plugged in for touch button use or even hard wired for wall switch control.

HAUSCHEN LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with Fog+Dimmable Memory Touch Button

This beautiful 32″ x 40″ LED mirror from Hauschen is packed with features. It supports wall switch or direct light control, has a memory touch sensor, dimming features and can hang vertically or horizontally to suit. Click for more info.



HAUSCHEN Black Framed LED Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with Temperature+Anti Fog+Dimmer Functions

This beautiful 32″ x 40″ LED mirror from Hauschen is packed with features. It supports wall switch or direct light control, has a memory touch sensor and anti-fog control. Can hang vertically or horizontally. Click for more info.


CASAMII Led Lighted Wall Mounted Bathroom With Adjustable Brightness and Anti Fog Features

This beautiful 28×36 LED lighted mirror from Casami is perfect for all your bathroom needs. It is eco friendly, comes with dimmer, temperature and anti-fog features. It can be control by wall switch or touch sensor. Click for more info.

Krugg LED Bathroom Mirror Includes Dimmer & Defogger

This 60 x 30″ lighted bathroom mirror from Krugg is a true Icon of sleek, aesthetic style and sophistication. The highest quality silver-backed glass provides you with a clear, crisp and flawless reflection. Truly functional art, this LED Backlit Mirror provides task-specific dimmable daylight illumination for your cosmetic, hygiene and dressing needs. Click for more info.


HAUSCHEN LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with Anti Fog and Dimming Features

This copper free-silver 32×40″ mirror from Hauschen can be hung both horizontally or vertically. It comes with anti fog and dimming features. Memory touch buttons are included and it can be used with a wall switch or direct on/off controls from mirror itself. Click for more info.


Dimmable LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror With Dimming, Anti-Fog And Bluetooth Speaker

This 36×28″ LED bathroom mirror from All Bonnlo has memory dimming functions with adjustable brightness. It also includes anti-fog and bluetooth audio for playing music. Can hang horizontally or vertically. Click for more info.


Backlit LED Bathroom Mirrors

Hans& Alice LED Backlit Mirror With Dimmer, Anti Fog and Touch Screen

This 32 x 24″ backlit LED mirror from Hans & Alice has built in anti-fog features, 80% energy saving LED light that last for more than 50000 hours, and can be suited to work directly from junction box. Easy to install- wall mounted mirror can be hung horizontal or vertical, all mounting hardware are included. Click for more info.



Keonjinn 40″x 24″ Backlit Bathroom Mirror LED Light Over Vanity

The 40×24″ mirror from Keonjinn has a dimmable backlit mirror light. A simple touch button can change the light intensity. This amazing mirror also includes anti fogging features and a LED lifetime of 50,000 hours. Can be placed horizontally or vertically. Click for more info.




LStripM Bathroom Backlit LED Lighting Mirror R24’ with Anti-Fog Functions

This simple and frameless design from LStrIPm is compatible to all your decoration style. Its has a press button light, anti fog functions and excellent anti scratch resistance. The thickness is only 5MM. The mirror is 5MM using environmental material. Click for more info.



Leve 36″x28″ LED Backlit Mirror With Dimmable and Anti-Fog Features

This LED backlit mirror from Leve is the perfect size for daily make up and bathroom decoration. Has dimmable functions and anti-fog features. Comes with standard plug-in but can be hard wired. Click for more info.

The Beauty of LED Bathroom Mirrors

In the modern day, the bathroom has become a multifunctional space; serving as a calming room, a relaxation room and a preparation room, all in a single day. However, people fail to consider one major factor whenever designing their multifunctional bathrooms; the lighting in the bathroom. Bathroom lighting is very essential since it can determine how a person starts their day. After all, a good day always starts with a bright morning; and a bright morning can only be made possible with proper bathroom lighting.

There are several factors that need to be considered when setting a properly lit bathroom. These include aspects like the size of the fixtures, their location and the type of bulbs used. When it comes to the types of bulbs and lightning to use in a bathroom, a good choice would be LED bathroom mirrors.

What is an LED bathroom mirror?

An LED mirror stands for a Light-emitting Diode mirror. This bathroom mirror is a specific type of mirror that has been built with LED mirror lights. These LED lights give such a mirror the ability to provide enough backlighting and a shine that is very strong and bright. This shine is usually so strong as to even make one see the tiniest of blemishes in the face.

LED bathroom mirrors have been on the rise in the recent past as they’re among the most unique and energy saving lighting types. They are creative designs that make the bathroom experience feel more comfortable. They also have other added advantage, from their cost saving nature to their lighting degree. These advantages of LED bathroom lights are what makes many people opt for such lighting bathroom mirrors.

Why do many choose a LED bathroom mirror?

Many consumers are now going for LED lighted bathroom rooms rather than other lighted mirror types. This is so following the added advantages of LED bathroom mirrors over incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. These features of LED mirrors that give them an added advantage include the fact that they are more efficient, have long lasting characteristics, health benefits and even environment friendly characteristics. The features of LED bathroom mirrors are discussed below.

Features of LED Bathroom Mirrors

LED bathroom mirrors are very energy saving. Compared to other bathroom lights, LED mirrors consume 80% lesser energy. This helps reduce the costs and expenses one spends on the monthly energy bills. To add on that, their energy saving nature contributes to their impacting the environment positively, since lesser energy levels used means better preservation of the environment.

LED lighting bathroom mirrors are also very cost saving. For instance, a 10 watt LED mirror provides just the exact service as does a 60 watt incandescent mirror. Therefore, taking an average cost of 0.12 dollars per kWh, then this would cost just 3 dollars to power an LED bathroom mirror for 25,000 hours. This would save a lot of costs which would’ve have otherwise been spent on other lighting bathroom mirrors.

LED lighting bathroom mirrors are also good for the health. LED lights release the exact chemicals that are released by the sun. These healthy chemicals add to the energy and vibrant spirit of a person; just the attitude one needs to start their day.

LED Bulbs

An LED bulb has more advantages over other regular bulbs. The following are some of the advantages that these hold over other bulbs.

LED bulbs are more long lasting as compared to other lighting bulbs. They can last for up to 50,000 hours. Their long lasting nature makes them even more efficient and more affordable. This is so since one needs only install them once, with no further need later on for incurring maintenance costs or buying other new lights.

Another advantage of LED bulbs over other regular bulbs is that they are of good quality. The quality of light produced by LED bulbs is usually higher than that produced by incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. For instance, incandescent bulbs produce lights that are too hot and hence low in quality. On the other hand, LED bulbs produce quality lights with just the right temperature.

LED bulbs are also brighter than other regular bulbs. The reason behind the brighter light of LED bulbs is their higher lumen (light output) and watt score. The higher the lumens in a bulb, the brighter the bulb is. For instance, comparing a 40W incandescent bulb against a 40.5W LED bulb, there would be found a 3,500 difference in the amount of light output, with the LED bulb holding the higher lumen amount. Furthermore, incandescent bulbs produce too orange colors which only serve to produce dimmer lights. In contrast, LED bulbs produce quality lights that are brighter despite the color of the light.

Anti Fog Features

During cold temperatures, bathroom mirrors tend to form small water droplets on the mirror glass surface. These water droplets, resembling fog, result from condensation of water vapour from the air on the cold surface of the glass mirror. This leads to distortion of mirror vision, especially during early mornings when temperature tend to drop down.

Anti fog refers to the aspect of preventing this condensation of water into tiny droplets on the bathroom mirror surface. There are anti fog sprays for glasses and mirror. These work through applying surfactant films on the glass surfaces. Another alternative would be by creating hydrophilic surfaces to prevent the formation of fogs on the glass surfaces. However, the best option for preventing this phenomenon would be to design anti fog bathroom mirrors.

Benefits Of Anti Fog Bathroom Mirrors

Anti fog bathroom mirrors have several benefits. First, anti fog bathroom mirrors are more economical as compared to anti fog sprays. This is because anti fog sprays require frequent application, turn to yellow due to sunlight exposure and could wear out in time due to frequent washing. Furthermore, anti fog sprays require electrical wiring or warming heaters which have the possibility of short circuiting. In contrast, anti fog bathroom mirrors lack such negative properties; do not degrade over time, do not require frequent installment, lack wiring systems which can short circuit and are even more environment friendly.

Anti fog bathroom mirrors also have a coating for absorbing moisture. This coating forms a screen that is even and that keeps the glass surface clear. Another advantage of this coating is that it provides a long term performance of the bathroom mirrors, even under extreme humid conditions. This would have a long term effect of maintaining low costs for the bathroom.

Light Dimming Features

Light dimming features or basically dimmers commonly refer to devices that are joined to fixtures of light for the sole purpose of reducing light brightness. They are classified on basis of power voltages, either high voltage or low voltage dimmers. There are several types of dimmers. For instance, we have rheostat dimmer, saltwater dimmer, coil-rotation transformer, and autotransformer among others. Moreover, they can also be classified into analog and digital dimmers. Analogue dimmers commonly involve a process that does not interchange dimming signals into bits unlike the digital dimming features.

Benefits of Light Dimming Features

There are several merits to light dimmers. The first advantage is that it saves on energy. Energy is a valuable resource. This is because when light watts are decreased hence this results to the saving on energy as well as making the bulb last longer.

In addition to that, light dimming features elongate the time for dimmer light bulbs, that is more time usage is guaranteed. Also, it makes it possible for one to dim LED lights. This is less costly and more flexible in terms of use.

Another advantage of light dimming features is that it is conducive for sleep. Researchers say that students have agreed that dimming the light an hour before sleep usually makes it easy for one to sleep. This is evident that light dimming features enhance the health of the users, as they are good for sleep, an important aspect of good health. Therefore, it is clear from the stated merits that light dimming features are beneficial to users, that is, from saving on money to improving their health.

Choosing The Perfect LED Bathroom Mirror

LED bathroom mirrors are indeed just the right type of lighted bathroom mirrors to use in a shower room. They come with such unique and added advantages that outdo all those of other lighted mirrors. If you are looking for something that enhances your daily routine, or want to add some creativity in your shower room while at the same time maintaining it’s space, then an LED bathroom mirror would be just the perfect investment for you.

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