Where To Hang Towels In A Small Bathroom?

Generally, bathrooms are designed to serve quite a number of services; they can act as make-up rooms, relaxation rooms with bath tubs to soak in or just standard shower rooms. With the variety of services that they offer, bathrooms end up being stocked with quite a number of things that could occupy a lot of bathroom space. In an effort to increase their bathroom space, most people who are stuck with such tiny bathrooms opt to downsize or put away the bathroom stuff in the cabinets.

However, there is one thing that can neither be downsized nor put away in the cabinet; the towel. The towel is an essential bathroom element that is always needed in the bathroom. This poses a challenge to those with a small bathroom space; where to hang wet towels in small bathroom?

Where Can Towels Hang In A Small Bathroom?

The question on where to hang a towel in a small bathroom is even more complicated when a bathroom lacks a linen closet. Here are a variety of ideas that can work:

Over Cabinet Door Towel Bar

The cabinets discussed here are those installed in a bathroom to keep soaps, make-up and other bathroom essentials, within reach. The towel can be hang either inside or outside of the cabinet doors, on the towel bar. Hanging a towel on an over cabinet door towel bar is really advantageous. It enables the owner to store and hang a towel in style and provides hanging places that are easy to install and that are built just the right size.

Hanging a towel on an over cabinet door towel bar is both stylish and elegant. The towels are kept in an area where they can be easily accessed after taking a shower. In addition to that, the dry towels can also be stored in style in the cabinets, where they are also within reach.

Hanging a towel over cabinet door towel bars is also very cost saving. This is because over cabinet door towel bars are easy to install. They require no specific tools, only cushioning made by a soft foam. The soft form cushion bars make the towels that are hang on them to be secure and in place. That way, the towels do not keep sliding whenever the cabinet doors are opened or closed.

The over cabinet door towel bars are built with a soft foam pad under every door hook, where the towels are hang. This gives the cabinet door towel bars good quality, as they are protected by the soft cushioning. Another added advantage of over cabinet door towel bars is that they can be easily cleaned, hence help keep the towels clean as well.

Suction Hooks

These are hooks installed in bathrooms, on which towels might be hang. Suction hooks are easy to install and lead to a presentable bathroom outlook. This is because no hardware nor screws are used when installing the suction hooks, hence no ugly-looking holes are drilled on the walls, which could lead to an unpresentable bathroom. The suction hooks can also be installed on any smooth surface, hence one can choose a location which doesn’t lessen the bathroom space.

Suction hooks can be of very high quality, some made with ABS plastic chrome. This makes it more long lasting, waterproof and hence rust resistant. This helps in keeping the towels neat and saves on more bathroom space.

Towel Rack Bar

This is a towel bar similar to the over cabinet door towel bar. The difference, however, is that unlike the over cabinet door towel bar, the towel rack bar is constructed with a double bar. Also, rather than be built over a cabinet, it is mounted on a wall. The double bar makes it possible to hang several towels at an easily accessible area. Enough space is also left between the poles to ensure that several towels can be hang on the bars, with them not squeezing.

The towel rack bar is made using stainless steel material. This material is very efficient for use in environments that are highly humid; which makes it very appropriate to be used in the construction of towel rack bars. Since the stainless steel towel rack bars don’t undergo rusting, the towels are kept clean and never stain.

Hanging towels on a towel rack bar has another advantage in that it is very safe. The towel rack bar is constructed in a safe design, with edges and corners that are round. These rounded edges and corners reduce the risks of injury to home owners, providing a safe bathroom experience.

Behind Door Towel Rack Bar

This is a towel rack bar that is mounted behind the bathroom door. It is built with several hooks according to the owner’s preferences. These several hooks make it possible to hang several towels.

The behind door towel rack bars are mostly constructed with bronze. Since bronze is a high quality metal, then this gives the towel rack bar the long lasting and highly durable characteristic. High durability and long lasting nature in turn leads to lesser costs used for maintenance.

The other positive thing about the behind door towel rack bar is that it can be used on any bathroom door. It doesn’t require a specific design to fit; it can fit on all types of bathroom doors. This would therefore be very efficient for a small bathroom; saving on space as well as providing an ample place to hang a variety of towels.



Wall Towel Rack Shelf

This has the appearance of a shelf and a rack with a square base. It is constructed using stainless steel, or other metals that are coated with nickel. Therefore, wall towel rack shelves do not rust and this helps keep the towels clean. This rack shelf also has a beautiful and presentable look, since the materials used to construct it are hidden, in most cases, screws cannot be seen.

The wall towel rack shelf has a lot of towel hanging space. It is constructed with at least one bar and multiple shelves depending on the manufacturer. The lower bars can be built at varying heights; the upper lower bar having a separation distance of 4 inches and the other lower bar having a separation distance of 2.5 inches. The separation distances are included so as to enable one to maximize on the hanging space. Hence, more towels can be hang on this towel rack shelf.

Freestanding Towel Rack

This freestanding towel rack is made using stainless steel, and can therefore withstanding extreme humid conditions in a bathroom environment, in addition to providing a clean surface to hang the towels. Each arm can hold a single or even multiple towels, which is efficient for larger families or guests.

This rack is also made tall, such that even larger towels can be hang on it. Hanging of larger towels can have the effect of tilting the rack, due to the towels’ heavy weight, hence the rack is normally weighted to prevent it from tipping. The towels are therefore kept secure and held firmly.

Hanging towels on free standing towel racks helps wet towels to dry easily and fast. This is because this rack is made with swivel arms that are longer in length, hence keep the towels separated, providing them with enough individual space to dry.

Wall Mounted Towel Warmer Rack




This is a rack that warms the towels using electricity. It is constructed using nickel material or stainless steel. These materials don’t rust and are highly durable, making the wall mounted towel warmer racks cost saving options for hanging towels.

The wall mounted towel warmer rack has 4 square bars that are evenly spaced. The purpose of the 4 square bars is to ensure that the electricity is distributed evenly throughout the rack and hence warms the towels efficiently.

Another added advantage of these racks is that they are very energy saving. This is because they take up very short warming time; they warm the towels for 5 to 10 minutes. They also use very little temperatures of 45 to 50 degree Celsius, hence save on the monthly energy bills.

Selecting Your Towel Hanging Options

The owners of small bathrooms are always faced with decisions to make; decisions on what to include and where to include essential bathroom stuff. When it comes to the decisions involving where to hang towels in the small bathroom, the owners are not really doomed. As explained in the article, a variety of towel racks and hooks can provide just the needed places to hang the towels. They may seem like just simple and minute strategies, but like the saying goes; good design is in the details. Therefore, if you are looking to enhance your small bathroom’s functionality and comfort level by designing the best places to hang your towel(s), then you need waste no time and scroll up this article to help you decide the best options to use.

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