Small Bathroom Double Vanity Ideas

double bathroom vanity

The Practical Beauty of a Double Vanity

Have you ever had a fight with your partner over why they left their hair in the sink, or why they finished the toothpaste and didn’t bother to tell you? Most of us can relate to that situation; this could even be a normal part of our lives. Well, those are some of the problems that having a double vanity in your bathroom eliminates.

A double vanity is a type of bathroom vanity which includes two sinks/basins. Double vanities, therefore, make it possible for two people to share the bathroom, with each having their own sink and storage.

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The Amazing Aquatica Fusion Rondo Spa Jetted Outdoor/Indoor Bathtub

indoor outdoor jetted spa

Who doesn’t love soaking in warm water? Most of us wish we could soak in warm water whenever we want, and for as long as we could. If this is what you have always wished for, then it is time you made this a reality. The jetted indoor/outdoor bathtub makes all this possible.

Spa jetted indoor/outdoor bathtubs usually provide users with the best bathing experience. These spas massage the muscles so gently, rejuvenating the user’s mind and body, and also leaving them relieved and comforted. The pleasure, convenience and benefits provided by these spa bathtubs are simply priceless.

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How To Choose Your Next Bathtub

small freestanding bathtub

Are you looking to add more style and class to your bathroom? If so, you could start by replacing that old bathtub in the powder room with a newer and modern bathtub. Some few years back, bathtubs were just simple structures with a tub and a shower. Today, however, the market offers a wide range of advanced bathtubs with high technology features, which makes choosing of bathtubs even more difficult.

Also, bathtubs tend to be permanent structures, with some going for very high prices. Therefore, before you can purchase a bathtub, you need to do enough research so as to ensure that you buy the best bathtub for your bathroom. This article discusses the major things that you should always consider before buying a bathtub.

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Amazing Luxury Small Bathroom Accessory Ideas

luxury accesories

A small bathroom space does not necessarily call for an always practical room. With some simple and crafty bathroom accessories, you can transform your bathroom from a strictly practical powder room to a functional and luxurious room. For instance, maybe all that your small bathroom needs, so as to bridge the gap between its strict form and luxury, is a simple creative wallpaper, or well designed tiles.

This article discusses some of the luxury accessory ideas that you can incorporate into your bathroom space. Read along and find out just how you can make the most out of your powder room.


W-Luxury Starlight Square Bathroom Accessories Set W/Swarovski Crystal

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This freestanding accessory is available as a set of 4 pieces. It is usually designed with two types of finishes; polished chrome or polished gold. The material that makes up this pricey accessory is brass. However, the top of the set’s handle, as well as the lid, can at times be inlaid with Swarovski crystals.

W-Luxury Starlight Square Bathroom Accessories Set W/Swarovski Crystal usually comes in a rectangular shape. The main items contained in the four-piece set include a toothbrush holder, a pump for dispensing soap as well as a cotton swab.

Indeed, this expensive piece of luxury can give your small bathroom the elegance that it deserves. This accessory set will ensure that your bathroom has the good looks, and even though looks aren’t everything, your bathroom will have them, just in case.

W-Luxury Starlight Square Bathroom Accessories Set W/Swarovski Crystal Set of 4 Piece (Soap Dispenser Pump + Toothbrush Holder + Cotton Swab + Q tip Container), Polished Chrome
  • Made in Spain
  • Set of 4 Piece (Soap Dispenser Pump + Toothbrush Holder + Cotton Swab + Q tip Container )
  • Available in polished Chrome with champagne Swarovski Crystals enclosed by dark champagne Swarovski Crystals
  • Also Available in Polished Chrome with White Swarovski enclosed by black Swarovski Crystals
  • Made of Brass. Give your bathroom a complete makeover with the Starlight Bathroom Accessories Set.

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