Small Freestanding Tubs

Amazing Small Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding soaker tubs can transform a bathroom, making it stand out with an amazing, aesthetic simplicity like no other bathroom addition. These soaking tubs come in an array of sizes and shapes as you will see in our curated offerings. And depending on your style, just add a rain shower component and you will be in the epitome of luxury.

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Best Rainfall Shower Systems

rainfall shower system

What Is A Rainfall Shower System?

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom and give it a more luxurious and cozier atmosphere, you should consider installing the best rainfall shower system in the bathroom. So what is a rainfall shower system? It is basically a type of shower column with a shower head that gives you the luxurious sensation of taking a bath under a relaxing spray of water similar to rain. These shower systems come with wider surfaces of between 8 and 12 inches for the best water flow and can even fit perfectly in any bathroom.

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Gorgeous Clawfoot Tubs

clawfoot tub featured

The Vintage Beauty Of Clawfoot Tubs

A noticeable trend that is coming up in the bathroom world is the inclusion of tubs in shower rooms. Tubs are relatively large containers which are basin-like and can hold water. A person may soak and bathe in these tubs. The increase in the demand of such bath tubs has led to more creativity in the types of bath tubs that can be fixed into the shower rooms. Among the many types of bath tubs that people have come up with is the clawfoot tub.

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Where To Hang Towels In A Small Bathroom?

Generally, bathrooms are designed to serve quite a number of services; they can act as make-up rooms, relaxation rooms with bath tubs to soak in or just standard shower rooms. With the variety of services that they offer, bathrooms end up being stocked with quite a number of things that could occupy a lot of bathroom space. In an effort to increase their bathroom space, most people who are stuck with such tiny bathrooms opt to downsize or put away the bathroom stuff in the cabinets.

However, there is one thing that can neither be downsized nor put away in the cabinet; the towel. The towel is an essential bathroom element that is always needed in the bathroom. This poses a challenge to those with a small bathroom space; where to hang wet towels in small bathroom?

Where Can Towels Hang In A Small Bathroom?

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These Amazing LED Bathroom Mirrors Will Enhance Your Small Bathroom

bathroom LED mirror

Amazing LED Bathroom Mirrors

LED bathroom mirrors are known for their ability to allow you the best, most realistic view of your face in the bathroom. This is essential for so many reasons. Whether it’s waking up in the morning to see your morning face or getting ready for work and making sure your morning face has been successfully erased.

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