20 Of The Best Small Bathroom Ideas

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Bathroom Toilet with Sink and Classic Bathtub

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White Water Closet in Bathroom

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Luxury Bathroom with Bathtub

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Bathtub Near Sink Inside Bathroom

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Modern Bathroom with Toilet, Bathtub, Mirror

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White Bathroom Sanitary Block

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White Acrylic Bathtub Near a White Framed Window

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White Toilet on Grey Steel Bar

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White Ceramic Toilet Bowl Near Vanity Combo

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White Bathtub Surrounded with Flowers

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White Bathtub in Bathroom Near Brown Framed Glass Window

20 Of The Best Small Bathroom Ideas 11


Empty Brown and White Bathtub

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Rectangular White Wooden Bathroom Cabinet with Sink

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Bathroom with Wooden Furniture

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Bathroom with Bathtub

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Ceramic White Elegant Bathroom

20 Of The Best Small Bathroom Ideas 16


Modern Minimalist Bathroom Bath

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Pioneer Bathroom for Home

20 Of The Best Small Bathroom Ideas 18


Modern Small Bathroom

20 Of The Best Small Bathroom Ideas 19


Bathroom Toilet Bathtub

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Hopefully you’ve gotten some small bathroom ideas from these images and you look for your perfect bathroom.


How To Make Your Shower Feel Bigger

Most would agree that nothing feels better than relaxing in the shower after a long day at work or after a day full of activities. However, that feeling isn’t really that great when it involves a small and squeezed shower room. Small shower rooms could be as a result of squeezing so many things in a shower room; even essential things such as bath tubs, showers, toilets and sinks. Even when the shower rooms don’t really have so many things squeezed in them, they could still be small following the lesser land allocated to them. Yet, fact remains that everyone with a small shower room wishes that they had a bigger shower room. With a few strategies, they could design their small shower rooms and make them look and even feel bigger. The advantage about these strategies is that they are very cost effective and easy to undertake. This article explains strategies, ranging from the color of the shower room to inclusion of certain important fixtures, that when applied enhances a shower room making it even twice as large.

Ideas to Make Your Shower Feel Bigger

Use Brighter Lighting

Lighting is essential in a shower room for activities such as shaving and applying make-up. However, lighting in a shower room does even much more; it makes the room feel bigger. The more the lighting in a shower room, the more spacious and bigger the shower room appears. Most bathrooms don’t really have much natural lighting, hence additional lighting needs to be provided if they are to be made bigger. The best lighting technique would be that comprised of several light sources at different locations. To avoid shadowing and make the room more open, one could install a grid of ceiling lights or a contemporary edge-lighted mirror.  In cases where adding of electrical lights in the shower room is impossible, or the room in discussion is a small powder room, there is the option of changing the ceiling light and installing one with multiple bulbs. This would bring in the effect of having light come from different directions yet from a single element. Such form lighting would help make the room appear bigger.

Use A Lot Of White In The Shower Room

This is one of the easiest ways that can help make a shower feel bigger. Having a shower room dominated by the white color, which includes white tiles, white walls, white sinks and generally whites of every other thing in the shower room, can do wonders in making a shower room appear even more spacious. The white color tends to reflect light rather than absorb it, as does many darker shades, a quality that serves to make a room appear full of light and hence spacious. However, one might think that by using just a single color in the shower room, especially white color, then that would make the room appear dull and lacking life. In such a case, using elements of different textures can help bring character into the white shower room. These elements would include pale stones, fabric accents, moldings and some wood or metallics. Such elements, when included in a shower room designed with lots of white, will help the room have not only the seamless and bigger look, but also make it attractive to the eye and relaxing as well.

Use A Glass Panel Or A Glass Door

Most people include shower curtains in their shower rooms. One thing that these don’t however realize is that shower curtains have the effect of creating visual walls in shower rooms, even when the curtains are open. These visual walls in turn only serve to make the shower room appear smaller and squeezed. In order to counteract this effect and actually make the shower room look bigger, one could consider using glass panels or glass doors in place of shower curtains. By using the glass panel or door, the entire space of the shower room would then be made visible at once, giving it a bigger and fuller look especially while one is in the shower.

Some people use shower curtains because they have a strong sense of privacy. For such kind of people, the glass panels or doors would still work, if they are tinted or frosted. The tinted or frosted glass panels/doors would still allow a lot of light to pass through, just like the non-tinted ones, hence give the shower room the same spacious and bigger feel.
Another option would be performing a complete renovation in the shower room. This would be especially for those who can do away with the bath tubs. The strategy involves just installing a glass shower stall rather than a bath tub. Such a strategy has two major advantages; the glass stall would allow more light and bring a larger feel and removing the bath tub would create more space in the room making it look even bigger. Another added advantage about using a glass shower stall rather than a bath tub is that shower stalls are easier to get in and out of.

Use A Larger Mirror

Using a bigger bathroom mirror would be another perfect way of making a shower room appear bigger. This strategy would be especially effective in the slim powder rooms that are characterized by small walls that require less glass to cover. Using a larger mirror works to double the size of a shower room visually. One can use a large mirror with a beautiful frame or just decide to use a custom sized mirror piece that fits from wall to wall.

The advantage of this strategy is that it saves on costs. It is true that buying a larger mirror would in itself incur quite great costs. However, comparing the cost of getting a larger mirror with the price of tiling a new wall, the price of getting a larger mirror would be the cheapest and most pocket friendly. It is true that tiling the wall would help make a shower feel bigger, but why would one opt for such a costly strategy whereas they had the alternative of just getting a larger mirror, which would serve the same purpose, at an even significantly lesser cost?

Use A Curved Shower Rod

Curved shower rods are a popular sight in luxurious hotels. There is a reason that such big hotels prefer curved shower rods; these have a dramatic effect in making a shower room appear more spacious and classic. This effect is even more noticeable in shower rooms that contain shower curtains.

Normally, shower curtains tend to hang straight down. Therefore, if a shower room has a standard shower rod, this combined with the shower curtains can make a shower room feel small and cramped. This is so since a straight rod causes the shower curtains almost to cling to one’s body whenever they’re taking their shower. This in turn brings about the small and squeezed feel about the shower room.

However, using a curved shower rod can actually make a difference and make a room feel even twice bigger. This is because the curved rods direct the curtains away from someone, such that their body doesn’t cling to the wet curtains. Hence, a curved shower room would create more elbow room and generally more room in the shower.

Final Thoughts On Making Your Shower Seem Bigger

Obviously, everyone dreams of having a bigger shower room, and the good news is that, that dream is not entirely unattainable. With the strategies discussed in this article, everyone could have a bigger shower room with more space. So the next time you are taking a shower and start thinking of how you would be more relaxed in the shower, you would do well to consider the strategies discussed above and enjoy the best shower experience ever.

5 Ways To Give Your Shower A Luxury Hotel Shower Like Makeover

5 Ways To Give Your Shower A Luxury Hotel Shower Like Makeover 21

You walk into your thick-walled bathroom, turn on the switch, and water comes out of a randomly fitted tiny metallic thing with drilled-in holes, you allow the laminarly ejected water falls on your body for some few minutes, and you are done with your bath? NO! That should not be called a shower, and we think Water-Drop is a more befitting term for that. Or you too can come up with a name for it. And if you still have that kind of arrangement in your bathroom, you should consider a renovation!

Modern bathrooms are now harnessing the power of luxurious showers to transform your bathing period into a more serious and look-forward-to affair. Plenty of homeowners these days are insisting on a vacation-caliber bath experience, spending serious money on their own lavish power shower features. Well, it is more than enough to go crazy for a shower bathroom with a unique design approach, custom designs, dual hand-held, and rainfall shower heads, innovative lighting, variety of water options that lets you water in a multitude of different ways, and other cool features to help you relax better (Yeah, you should start seeing your bath time as a relaxation time too, not a get-in-and-get-cleaned period).

Well, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the luxurious transformation. All that is needed is the determination to deviate from the norms and elope into the world of luxury. If you are really determined (I guess you are, and that is probably the reason you are here), then read on till the end, as we share with you five ways to give your home shower a luxury hotel shower makeover. Enjoy.

  1. Luxury Shower Head

The ability to vary and control the pressure of water is a sign of luxury. Luxury showerheads allow you to switch between several shower modes like high pressure saturating spray for a revitalizing rinse; gentle rain soft spray mode ideal for delicate skin; and a fine massage setting for a clamping spa-like treatment. Luxury showerhead also lets you restrict the flowing water and save you a great deal on water billing. There are shower heads that solve hard water by self-cleaning nozzles that prevent natural calcium build-up.

Our Pick:

5 Ways To Give Your Shower A Luxury Hotel Shower Like Makeover 22SparkPod Shower Head

High-pressure rainfall water is known to have some soothing effect and it cleanses your pores by opening them up so that any dirt clogging them up can be washed, thereby giving you the perfect relaxation experience. The Sparkod luxury bathroom rainhead is the perfect replacement that will jet out high-pressure rain of hot water so your whole body is doused with the downpour. This showerhead does the hard work of removing the limescale build-up with full-powered anti-clogging silicone jets. And above all, the showerhead can be the center-piece that casts the appearance of luxury in your bathroom.

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  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Hassle-free removable water restrictor
  • Beautiful, elegant, and luxurious design
  • Self-cleansing nozzles ensure low maintenance of the showerhead
  • The high-pressure water spray is amazing.


  • Plastic (ABS) construction rather than metal. It is sturdy, but still plastic is plastic.
  • It consumes a large amount of water
  • (I am not sure if I can out this) Some Amazon customers complained the product is not durable.

  1. Dual Shower Head

When it comes to your pleasure and relaxation needs, who says you can’t be extravagant? If one is good, two is better. Dual shower head system combines two shower heads in one convenient unit, combining the convenience of two different types of shower experiences in one shower. The shower heads can differ in size and function. For example, a dual shower might include a fixed showerhead like the Sparkrod mentioned above and a standard hand-held shower head, and spray settings are controlled on each shower head individually. Also, dual showerhead systems include a diverter valve to control water flow. This diverter valves could either be two-way diverter valves that switch between the two shower heads or a three-way diverter valves that let you choose between the individual showerheads or both shower heads at the same time. It all depends on your taste (Yeah, that is luxury). The diverter often includes a bracket to hold the hand-held shower head.


Our Pick:

5 Ways To Give Your Shower A Luxury Hotel Shower Like Makeover 23Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo. Premium Chrome

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Before we even dabble into the features of this amazing product, it is worthy to inform you that this product comes in square designs and oval-square design, and that is another sign of luxury. It features a luxurious rainfall showerhead for drenching rainfall showerhead or the new state-of-the-art hand shower. The rain showerhead is 3” larger than the standard 6” showerheads in the market, this allows for a shoulder-to-shoulder water flow coverage. There is also an angle-adjustable solid brass ball joint nut for reliable leak-free connection, with a premium all-chrome finish. It’s sleek and luxurious.



  • ­Beautiful, elegant, and luxurious.
  • The tools-free installation makes installation very easy.
  • The extra-large rain shower head is great for relaxation.
  • Convenient push-button flow control is a nice feature.


  • It uses a two-way diverter, where 3-way could have been better.
  • It needs a shower arm for maximum enjoyment of the rainfall shower.
  • It is made of plastic.

  1. Shower Panel

A shower panel is wall mounted panel that has a myriad of features on it to help you get clean. Features like body sprays and massaging jets dot the panel, as well as a showerhead and possibly, a shower wand. Shower panels come in various design, material type, and style to match your bathroom décor taste. These personal choices are what makes shower panels desirable and luxurious. Temperature controls and colored LED temperature display that changed colors to reflect the temperature of the water are built into some shower panels. Check out our pick, it is luxurious and doesn’t need breaking the bank.


Our Pick:

5 Ways To Give Your Shower A Luxury Hotel Shower Like Makeover 24Blue Ocean 62” Stainless Steel SPS88991 Thermostatic Shower Panel

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The Blue Ocean Shower Panel is beautifully crafted with high-quality stainless steel with a brushed finish. It is uniquely designed for flat wall installation, lightweight and durable. It features a rainfall showerhead, waterfall showerhead, a handheld showerhead, and 6 body nozzles. The impeccable design is integrated with thermostatic valve control. The installation requires access to hot and cold-water pipe directly, and there are reinforced pipes on the back. What more, all functions can work simultaneously for better showering experience, and it comes with a 1-year part warranty.



  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel, making it durable
  • All functions can work simultaneously.
  • The thermostatic valve control prevents scalding.
  • There is a 1-year part warranty.
  • Easy installation, comes with all standard installation accessories including a chrome-plated brass hose.


  • The only con of this product is that we couldn’t find any con, even on Amazon.


  1. Curved Curtain Rods

The beauty a curved shower curtain rods can add to your bathroom is mesmerizing, and that is probably the main reason they are widely used in hotels. A curved shower curtain rod will provide up to 33% more room in the shower. The design of it keeps water inside the shower instead of leaking out unto the bathroom floor. It also keeps the wet, sticky shower curtain further away from your body.


Our Pick:

5 Ways To Give Your Shower A Luxury Hotel Shower Like Makeover 25Home 35633BNP, NeverRust Aluminum Tension Curved Shower Curtain Rod

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The NeverRust curved shower rods are made from aluminum, and unlike steel and even stainless steel – aluminum will never rust. The shining aluminum curved rod provides up to 6.5 inches of addition elbow room (when extended to 72”) giving your shower a more spacious feel (Yeah, spacious is luxurious too). It features a patented TwistTight installation that is fast, simple and easy, you simply extend the rod to fit your space and twist to keep it firmly in place and twist it firmly in place with no tools, no drilling and no damage to drywall or tiles.



  • Quick and easy installation.
  • The material is made of aluminum, which never rusts.


  • The curve wouldn’t stay at the right angle. Ideally, you want it facing horizontally away from the tub, but it would slowly tilt so it was facing down over a couple days. This made it difficult to fully pull the curtains to the wall.
  • The metal “cups” on the end dug in and wrecked the paint on my wall. They’re also big, so I couldn’t quite shut the curtain all the way.


  1. Back Exfoliator

Back exfoliator is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like your back. Not only do they perform the cleaning task well, but it also stimulates proper blood circulation and eliminates dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth, fresh and rejuvenated. However, traditional exfoliators are handheld, wait, what if you can mount your back exfoliator on the wall? Isn’t that luxurious? Yes. There is luxurious back exfoliator that is wall mounted, you can then just put your back into the scrubber and move back and forth and up and down to scrub your entire back. Wow!


Our Pick:

5 Ways To Give Your Shower A Luxury Hotel Shower Like Makeover 26Exfoliating Hands-Free Shower Loofah Back Scrubber (22 x 20 Inches) Large

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This hands-free back exfoliator easily attaches right to your shower wall using 4 suction cups. All you have to do is to line the scrubber up with your back, then back up to your wall. You then snap all suction cups to luck them in place on your wall. A luffa pad then attaches to the board using Velcro. The luffoliate is perfect to get those hard-to-reach spots on your back and get rid of that back acne once and for all. This exfoliator is also easy to clean and maintain.


  • The hands-free usage is very luxurious.
  • It features one of the best and easiest installation techniques in the world.


  • It can only be used on smooth and flat walls
  • It might not stick properly on tiles with a pattern or surfaces not flat.



You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a life of luxury. It just requires the proper selection of bathroom accessories to serve one or two purposes. After all, luxury is all about being a little bit lazy and classy. Our vast experience in interior decoration helped us select some of the best products on the market, they are not really costly but they will definitely serve your purpose and move your shower from a home level to the luxurious level. Luxury is also about carefully selecting your accessories to meet your taste, some of the features above can be used together, while your bathroom may only need one option. For instance, you can install a back scrubber along with a shower panel as they don’t really have anything in common (except that they are both luxurious), but it isn’t really advisable to install a showerhead, a dual showerhead, and a shower panel in a single bathroom, except of course you want a luxuriously luxurious bathroom. We wish you the best on your voyage to luxury.