The 6 Best Bathroom Organization Hacks

These will calm the chaos for good.

The bathroom is so often a minefield of half-used tubes of toothpaste, unloved bath products and messy makeup. “Inspiring” is probably the last word that comes to mind to describe it. Periodically getting it orderly is one thing; keeping it that way on a daily basis is something else entirely. Here are a few simple strategies to keep the getting-ready chaos reined in.

1. Tack bathroom tidying to an existing habit (like brushing your teeth)

Tidying up the bathroom daily is key to maintaining a sane, clutter-free space. If you’ve been struggling to work this into your routine, the easiest way to develop the habit is to tie it to something you already do daily — like brushing your teeth. As you brush, make a quick scan of the sink and shower, and toss any empties into the trash or recycling bin. As soon as you’re done brushing, put away any products that have been left out on the counter, and bring items that don’t belong there (your morning coffee cup, for instance) with you when you leave.

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2. Or assign each person a shelf

If your sink is tiny and you use another space for storage instead, you can still apply the same principle: Designate one shelf for each member of the household to store his or her daily essentials, and stick with it. The clearer you can be about defining the physical limits of your storage space, the easier it will be for everyone to get (and stay) on board.

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3. Provide overflow storage for less-used items

To keep the sink area streamlined, you will likely need to find a spot to stash those extra items that didn’t quite make everyday-essential status. Ideally, this is in the bathroom: A shelving unit or cupboard works well, but you could also store these items in a hall closet. Use containers to keep like items together and prevent toppling.

For example:

  • Store makeup brushes upright in a jam jar or mug.

  • Make finding the right nail polish easy with a clear acrylic container.

  • Corral hair accessories and products in a lidded box.

  • Stash extra makeup and skin-care products in a zippered pouch.

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4. Use bins to define undersink zones

Prevent your undersink cabinet from becoming a black hole of clutter by clearly defining the space with sturdy storage bins. Look for plastic bins that can handle a little water without getting damaged, and designate a different bin for each category of items you need to store.

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5. Give electric appliances a home

Hair dryers, curling irons and other electric tools can take up tons of space on the counter, making it next to impossible for anyone to use the space to get ready. It may take some extra effort, but finding a place to store these items — such as in a drawer lined with a heat-safe material, as shown here — is well worth the effort.

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6. Keep a small laundry hamper handy

Making it easier doesn’t just work for kids — it’s important for adults too! Make it simpler for everyone to keep dirty towels and clothes off the floor by putting a laundry hamper in the bathroom. If a hamper won’t fit there, then find the closest available place: just outside the door or on the floor of a nearby hall closet.

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