Gorgeous Clawfoot Tubs

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The Vintage Beauty Of Clawfoot Tubs

A noticeable trend that is coming up in the bathroom world is the inclusion of tubs in shower rooms. Tubs are relatively large containers which are basin-like and can hold water. A person may soak and bathe in these tubs. The increase in the demand of such bath tubs has led to more creativity in the types of bath tubs that can be fixed into the shower rooms. Among the many types of bath tubs that people have come up with is the clawfoot tub.

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Amazing Luxury Small Bathroom Accessory Ideas

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A small bathroom space does not necessarily call for an always practical room. With some simple and crafty bathroom accessories, you can transform your bathroom from a strictly practical powder room to a functional and luxurious room. For instance, maybe all that your small bathroom needs, so as to bridge the gap between its strict form and luxury, is a simple creative wallpaper, or well designed tiles.

This article discusses some of the luxury accessory ideas that you can incorporate into your bathroom space. Read along and find out just how you can make the most out of your powder room.


W-Luxury Starlight Square Bathroom Accessories Set W/Swarovski Crystal

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This freestanding accessory is available as a set of 4 pieces. It is usually designed with two types of finishes; polished chrome or polished gold. The material that makes up this pricey accessory is brass. However, the top of the set’s handle, as well as the lid, can at times be inlaid with Swarovski crystals.

W-Luxury Starlight Square Bathroom Accessories Set W/Swarovski Crystal usually comes in a rectangular shape. The main items contained in the four-piece set include a toothbrush holder, a pump for dispensing soap as well as a cotton swab.

Indeed, this expensive piece of luxury can give your small bathroom the elegance that it deserves. This accessory set will ensure that your bathroom has the good looks, and even though looks aren’t everything, your bathroom will have them, just in case.

W-Luxury Starlight Square Bathroom Accessories Set W/Swarovski Crystal Set of 4 Piece (Soap Dispenser Pump + Toothbrush Holder + Cotton Swab + Q tip Container), Polished Chrome
  • Made in Spain
  • Set of 4 Piece (Soap Dispenser Pump + Toothbrush Holder + Cotton Swab + Q tip Container )
  • Available in polished Chrome with champagne Swarovski Crystals enclosed by dark champagne Swarovski Crystals
  • Also Available in Polished Chrome with White Swarovski enclosed by black Swarovski Crystals
  • Made of Brass. Give your bathroom a complete makeover with the Starlight Bathroom Accessories Set.

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The 6 Best Bathroom Organization Hacks

The 6 Best Bathroom Organization Hacks

These will calm the chaos for good.

The bathroom is so often a minefield of half-used tubes of toothpaste, unloved bath products and messy makeup. “Inspiring” is probably the last word that comes to mind to describe it. Periodically getting it orderly is one thing; keeping it that way on a daily basis is something else entirely. Here are a few simple strategies to keep the getting-ready chaos reined in.

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Best Colors For Small Bathrooms

Best Colors For Small Bathrooms

Nobody really prefers having a small bathroom. We all dream of having those spacious luxurious bathrooms. However, physical limitations could be preventing us from making expansions to our current bathrooms. The good news is; there is a way to make your small bathroom appear more spacious. This is a very simple and cheap strategy; using colors in your bathroom.

It is very interesting to note that you don’t have to go through expensive remodeling projects, so as to enlarge your bathroom space. All you need is some theme color coatings and paintings done on your bathroom wall, and there you go; a larger bathroom. Painting a bathroom wall, or using specific theme colors for bathrooms, not only helps to make a small bathroom appear larger, but also makes it more stylish and comfortable.

Color has a great effect on transforming the interiors of a bathroom. It can be used to create spa-like environments. It can also be used in a unique design that portrays the personality of the bathroom owner. In other words, using colors in bathrooms brings about different design aspects, as preferred by the bathroom owners.

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